The following is a post from one of our Forum presenters, Sue Lee, the creator of “I Believe in Me!” a 2009 Parents’ Choice Award Winner.

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you will be in attendance at the National Forum on Character Education in San Francisco Oct 28th – 30th. Like me, you are probably very excited that character education is gaining in the educational priority lineup!

I happen to be a forum breakout speaker, my name is Sue Lee and I’m presenting Friday the 29th 2:30-3:45pm. My topic is: Thriving – The Power of Positive Emotional Development. The National Scientific Council On The Developing Child out of Harvard, states, “That emotional intelligence is hardwired into the very architecture of the brain.” As a nation and as educators we must become aware of the significance of that in regards to character education. I will be addressing that a child’s character development is not only hardwired in their brain, but the fact that character development/EQ is actually linked to the physical formation of the brain. That phenomena leads to a developing belief that our nurture becomes our nature.

EQ/Emotional Intelligence is what allows us to put our IQ to work. It is how we build and develop character and it begins before birth. We have yet to raise a generation of children who believe in their own abilities and the power of their thoughts. We have yet to raise a whole generation that begins school with similar life skills that will allow children to become the hero or heroine in their own life’s story. As an educator I can’t think of anything more exciting than the fact that we might help children obtain the character skills to live a life, so as adults at the end they might feel they thrived instead of merely survived.

Imagine if every child starting school had:

• A belief in self and in others.

• A belief that “I have what it takes!”

• A belief that “I can thrive!”

• A belief that life is what you participate in, not what happens to you!

• A belief, ”There is awe and wonder in each day.”

• A belief that, “I can do it!”

And a knowing, that the most important conversation they might have in any given day is the one in their own head!

As a life management skills educator I have worked with thousands of adults and practically everyone said, “If only I had learned these skills as a child!” EQ skills, character skills are not only teachable they are easy and fun to learn in the early years of life. I hope you join me as Friday Oct. 29th 2:30 -3:45 as we explore more of these concerns, realities and issues.

See you at the National Forum!

Sue Lee, Creator of “I Believe in Me!” a 2009 Parents’ Choice Award Winner, for her DVD program for preschoolers.

****Forum presenters, we encourage you to respond with information about your sessions!  What does character education mean to you?   What do you like best about the National Forum on Character Education?