Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working on making the 2015 National Forum on Character Education inspiring, educational, and transformative since we signed the hotel contract in February 2014. Although I know with any event, perfection is out of reach, I have made it my personal goal to make this Forum, my third, Character.org’s most successful yet.

But my idea of success is measured by more than number of attendees. I want every teacher who joins us in Atlanta this fall to walk away not only knowing s/he can instigate real change but also having the tools to do so. I want this large group of caring and determined educators to leave with that spark of hope for the future that I get every time I talk to a teacher at a School of Character.

I’m confident the Forum will do that, as it has done for more than twenty years now, but I will call this Forum a success when those who attend leave with a plan to implement the strategies they learned across the country and across the world. That spark of hope, we can’t let it fade. We need to fan the flames until it catches.

I have spent the last 585 days of my life thinking about this Forum in some capacity, and I have 29 more to go before it gets here. I will undoubtedly work long hours over the next month, and I probably won’t sleep the night before it starts. Yet when the Forum gets here, and I am running around behind the scenes doing what I can to solve last-minute problems, please know that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will do this again and again because of the potential I see in the Forum, in character education, and in all of you as educators of our children.

Some were meant to teach and help shape tomorrow’s greatest minds; some can lobby for change on large platforms. This is what I do. This is how I help, how I want to change the world. If I can plan and execute this 2015 Forum well and help cause that spark for 800 educators, and those educators reach more than 20,000 kids each year after, think how much that can affect society.

I urge you to attend the Forum and join this movement because when I see one more person walk through our doors, I think of the ripple effect that person can start.


Sending you sparks,




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