I have been speaking in schools communities for the last 16 years. In that time I’ve spoken in over 1,000 schools to nearly 750,000 students, parents, educators.
A lot has changed culturally since 2002. And yet… one thing has stayed the absolute same. In fact, this one thing has stayed the same since 1982, 1492, and 2002 BC. At the end of the day, kids are kids.
Core needs don’t seem to change.
Kids today need the same thing that kids have needed from the very beginning of time.  
ALL students need to feel love, belonging, and a sense that they are part of something bigger.    
It just so happens that in 2018 we need to share these message… the ones that hit these core needs… more than ever. 
So we created a video that I believe hits these core needs in a way that few others do.  
Please watch. Please discuss.  Pease share.  
And if you’re looking for 3 solid messages that EVERY student needs to hear, remember:
  • Love You
  • Push Through
  • Just Look Up 


*Learn more about why core needs/values are important in Principle 1.


Over the last 15 years Joe Beckman has spoken in educational settings all over the world. Whether it’s a Middle School in Minneapolis, a Professional Development workshop in Montana, or an International Conference in Malaysia…Joe’s had 1 core mission; to reclaim human connection.