As you have likely noticed from our recent posts, “A Collaborative Curriculum: The Strengths of PBL,” “How Real World Lessons Lead to Academic Achievement,” and our latest, “4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback,” this month is focusing on Principle 6, how to link your character education initiatives to a rigorous curriculum.

With the recent passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act, states have the opportunity to reexamine their curricula and reassess what will work best for their students. It is an exciting time to be learning more about best practices in education and advocating for the whole-child approach to education.

Well, you know what they say, great minds think alike and our friends at the Journal of Character Education have also decided to focus on Character & Academics for their upcoming issue. Below you’ll find a special message from its editor, Dr. Jacques Benninga:

Journal-of-Character-Education.jpgThe Journal of Character Education is the only educational journal specifically devoted to research and practice in character education and should be a boon to both practitioners and researchers.  Topics are varied, but include both reports of research and practical applications as well as book reviews and news and announcements.  This is THE journal in our field.

We, the editors, are particularly pleased to announce the planning of an upcoming special issue that will focus on best ideas for integrating character education, social-emotional learning, and civic education into the Common Core and/or the newly signed ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) curricula of our schools.

We are seeking manuscripts for this special issue describing notable examples of ongoing programs integrating social-emotional learning, civic education and other related strategies into the curriculum.  If your school has such a program, consider describing it in a manuscript and submitting it to the Journal.  All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, so no submission is guaranteed acceptance, but our hope is to reflect best practices from around the country.

For example, manuscripts might address all or some of the following questions:

– How does your program/school/district promote good character and how has this focus impacted your students, your teachers, your parents?  How was the program conceptualized?  What evidence do you have of program effectiveness?

– How does your program/school/district foster an intentional and comprehensive approach to character education throughout the curriculum and across all phases of school life?

– How does your program/school/district provide opportunities for students to contribute in meaningful ways to the school, to others, and to the community?  What are the effects of such opportunities?

Thanks for considering this outlet for your good work. If you’re interested, read on for additional details below. In any case, be on the lookout for this special issue sometime in Fall 2016!

Manuscript Guidelines
All manuscripts submitted must conform to the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition and be typewritten, double spaced throughout with 1” to 1.5” margins all around.  Program descriptions might typically run between 10-15 pages in length, excluding references.  Photographs are not usually published.  All manuscripts typically include an abstract of 100-150 words and a separate title page that includes the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the authors as well as contact information for the lead author: address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.  Following preliminary editorial review, manuscripts are sent for blind review to reviewers who have expertise in the subject of the article.  The title page will be removed before the manuscript is distributed to reviewers.   We’re looking for a late June 2016-early July 2016 submission date.  For further information, contact Dr. Jacques Benninga at or Heather Cazad at     

Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to


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