Character education is often misunderstood. It is more than a word of the month or an Amy Johnstonassembly to honor students with good character. It exceeds catching students being good and helping those who are less fortunate. Character education is not a program, but a philosophy about how we ought to treat one another and why. 

The fundamental lessons in relationship building and character development need to begin with the staff, not the students. Once relationships among the staff are nourished, trust evolves and true understanding and implementation of character education can begin. 

Amy Johnston and her amazing staff transformed the culture of Francis Howell Middle School and won the National School of Character in 2008, but the journey was not easy or quick.  In her presentation at the 20th National Forum on Character Education, she will take you down the character road they traveled and share with you successful strategies as well as pitfalls they encountered along the way.  She will explain how they increased achievement, drastically decreased discipline, improved trust among adults in the building and most importantly developed middle school students into compassionate, responsible young adults. 

Amy Johnston
Session: Taking Your School from Good to Great
CEP National Forum Speaker
Friday, Oct. 25, 11:15 a.m.

Amy will also be leading the 11 Principles training along with Russ Sojourner on Sunday, Oct. 27.