Raise them Up in the Way they Should Go

The other day, I was walking home with my kids from school when a boy in my daughter’s class yelled, ”Goodbye” to her. I watched as her little frame looked at him, shrugged and turned away to keep walking. I was shocked. As we continued walking, I asked her why she didn’t wave or respond … Continue reading “Raise them Up in the Way they Should Go”

Workplace Character: The Genuine Desire to Simply be Genuine

There is perhaps no other professional subject spoken about more often in the press and in HR sessions than character in the workplace. Yet it is poorly understood in principle and in practice. The steady stream of stories featuring C-Suite deceit in the form of scandals and immoral management decisions takes a toll on those … Continue reading “Workplace Character: The Genuine Desire to Simply be Genuine”

Overcoming Fears with the 11 Principles

My first time going on a roller coaster was when I was 11 years old. It was a year after my sisters and I immigrated to the United States and we were excited to try as many “American” activities as possible. Going on a roller coaster ride was one of our top priorities. However, my … Continue reading “Overcoming Fears with the 11 Principles”

Building Affirmations to Promote Character

When I was a gymnastic teacher in my twenties at a gymnastics center, I used to instruct little girls on all sorts of tricks on the beam, bar and other gymnastics equipment. Gymnastics is not an easy sport to do. It is downright scary at times and takes courage to perform well. Just watch the … Continue reading “Building Affirmations to Promote Character”

Character Education in a World of Artificial Intelligence

Even though there are many ways to define character education, for the moment let’s assume that Wikipedia provides a reasonable starting point: “…an umbrella term loosely used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop variously as moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, healthy, critical, successful, traditional, compliant or socially … Continue reading “Character Education in a World of Artificial Intelligence”

5 Tips for Improving Social Media Character

It only takes one click to reveal your character. Just one click, and anyone in the world has access to the content that exists on your social media profiles. Every status you write, picture you post, and article you share leaves a permanent trail often referred to as your social media footprint. Whether you realize … Continue reading “5 Tips for Improving Social Media Character”

Earth Day’s Butterfly Effect

Nowadays, we hear a lot in media about environmentalism and the effect humans have on the planet. We know more now. Thankfully, for the most part, we know better. Even still, it can be difficult to get started without being overwhelmed (I need to recycle this. Wait, should this be composted? What can I plant … Continue reading “Earth Day’s Butterfly Effect”

Seven Steps Parents can Take to Ensure Kids Work for the Right Kind of Popularity

In elementary school, Nadia and Rosie walked home together every day. They would play with Nadia’s dog and swing on Nadia’s hammock. In sixth grade, that all changed. Rosie felt suffocated by Nadia and dodged her after school. She’d hide in the bathroom until her new friends said the coast was clear. Nadia was hurt … Continue reading “Seven Steps Parents can Take to Ensure Kids Work for the Right Kind of Popularity”

Developing Good Character in Baseball 

Character is developed through our participation in sports and competition. I had the great fortune of playing baseball 20 years of my life—including most of college. I have found that engaging in sports can teach us a lot about life. There will be times when we have wins and losses. There will be times when … Continue reading “Developing Good Character in Baseball “

Using Social Studies to Develop Active Citizens 

Social Studies is an inherently personal topic. It is that time of the school day that has been carved out to specifically look at our history, our accomplishments, failures, systems we have created in order to survive and most importantly, relationships we have developed. It is more than the mere regurgitation of names and dates. … Continue reading “Using Social Studies to Develop Active Citizens “

Why Principle 4 Matters in the Workplace

Workplace character is a necessary part of character development. It is imperative for staff to adhere to moral guides that allows them to freely strive for the highest form of character.   The 11 Principles sets a wonderful example for cultivating good character in all environments. These principles are valuable in schools, workplaces, homes, and sport … Continue reading “Why Principle 4 Matters in the Workplace”

Helping our Children Create a New Normal through Stories

Stories are the original edutainment out of which all cultures flow. Before we had TVs, social media, books and formal plays we had stories. Families and communities would gather and listen to stories from elders. They would sing them, set them to music and dance, draw them, and most importantly enact them so that the … Continue reading “Helping our Children Create a New Normal through Stories”

What Makes a Woman of Character? 

Women have made incredible impact in the world. Everywhere you go, there are women. Everywhere women are, we see character nutured. When it comes to exuding and embodying character, women from all walks of life like Rosa Parks (one of the figureheads of the Civil Rights Movement), and Malala Yousafzai (a proponent for the education of … Continue reading “What Makes a Woman of Character? “

The Craft of Resilience in Sports

Sports have been a major part of my life since I was four years old. Growing up I played all kinds sports. Golf, football, and tennis are just some of the few. These activities gave me mental and physical strength to tackle hardships that came my way.  I learned that living the life of an … Continue reading “The Craft of Resilience in Sports”

How to Practice Perseverance in the Midst of Failure

It’s no secret perseverance is key to achieving your goals. Even the most successful individuals face their share of defeat – it is part of the journey in reaching goals. One of the most valuable lessons youth can learn in their pursuit of success is to learn how to react to failure and to persevere.

A Thriving Large-Scale Innovative and Successful Character Initiative

“Every morning everybody makes a decision: they can let poverty, violence, tough neighborhoods influence how they come in to school, or they can say I’m in an environment that cares for me, respects me and is going to help me.” Principal Anabel Soler, North Park Academy In January, 2017, CITRS (Character, Integrity, Trust, Relationships, Success) in … Continue reading “A Thriving Large-Scale Innovative and Successful Character Initiative”

Reinforcing Values In Children 

“Good morning, Phyllis,” the man wrote. “I’m Tim, a stranger to you from Australia. I felt it was worth a chance to reach out to you. I woke up lost, started Googling and by chance found your article on connecting with boys.” He told me he was a 30-year-old single parent to an 11-year-old, and that … Continue reading “Reinforcing Values In Children “

Unintended Consequences of a Promising Practices

One hallmark of a great educator is the ability to live with the unintended consequences that commonly pop up with change. Changes in curriculum, instructional strategy, even bell schedules inevitably give rise to these unintended results – some benefits and others, drawbacks. Working with educators throughout the world who are contributing to our growing library … Continue reading “Unintended Consequences of a Promising Practices”

Developing Character and Workforce Readiness in Students

Besides talent, what determines the lasting success of someone in any career?  Ask 100 people that question, and most would likely attribute workplace success to character strengths such as perseverance, empathy, kindness, honesty, humility, etc. In fact, one could argue that the importance of character has increased in the 21st Century workplace. Elmer G. Letterman … Continue reading “Developing Character and Workforce Readiness in Students”

Parenting with the 11 Principles 

I have been with Character.org for more than 5 years now and have seen many awesome examples of Communities of Character built around the 11 Principles. While I’ve admired the courage and hard work of each of those journeys, I now find myself about to begin my own journey as I become a parent.


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