DSCN0402_SmallDuring the month of June, the Character.org blog will be focusing on Principle 8, “the school staff is an ethical learning community.” But how do we create that ethical learning community? There are many effective ways to spark ethical discussion and growth amongst your staff.

  1. Start the conversation by doing an all staff book-study.

Recommended Books:
2015 National School of Character, Selvidge Middle School, chose Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov as their all staff book study. The book can prompt discussion of honesty and integrity in the classroom and provide practical strategies for helping struggling students.
In What Great Teachers Do Differently: 17 Things that Matter Most, author Todd Whittaker covers a wide variety of topics, from creating a caring atmosphere to dealing with standardized testing, in an inviting and engaging way.

  1. Looking for something a bit shorter? Choose a thought provoking article or blog post.

Recommended Articles:

In Connecting Character & Content, Gary Smit names four ways that character can be integrated into the curriculum.
Dan Pink: How Teachers Can Sell Love of Learning to Students by Jennie Rose, will help teachers examine the way they teach by prompting them to consider how they can truly engage their students.
Using his friendly demeanor to teach lessons from his own teaching experiences, Hal Urban offers helpful advice in The Classroom as a Caring Community.

  1. Take advantage of technology and share videos that will get your staff talking about new ideas.

Recommended Videos:
Keynotes and select presentations from previous National Forums on Character Education are available on our youtube channel. Be sure to share with your staff.
A 2014 Forum attendee told us that “Michele Borba has a way of making you feel she is talking directly to you.” Watch 25 Simple, Proven Character Building Practices with Michele Borba to experience it for yourself.
Looking for new ways to provide extra help to the students who need it most? Watch Reaching All High School Students: A Multi-Tiered Approach with your staff and discuss how you can strengthen the types of support your school offers.
Need ideas for keeping classrooms calm? In Getting Students Ready for Learning, one school shares their experience with using Responsive Classroom strategies to help students smoothly transition from one activity to another.
  1. Attend a conference to learn from experienced educators in person.

Register for the 2016 National Forum on Character Education for the ultimate professional development experience. Better yet, bring your team to get our team rate: register 4 people get the 5th registration free!
At the 2016 National Forum on Character Education professional development opportunities abound:
  • Arrive on Thursday to take advantage of our pre-conference workshops, including a special workshop with Jason Ohler

  • Participate in the International Summit to learn from experienced educators from around the world

  • Learn from veteran practitioners and experts in the field at our panels and breakout sessions

For more information or to register go to www.character.org/conference and feel free to email heather@character.org with any questions.