Is it necessary to have core ethical values in place to create a caring work environment? When employers and employees exhibit genuine care for one another, they thrive and are able to produce successful results. We interviewed John Horan, a successful Real Estate Broker/Developer in North Central Florida who has owned and operated multiple businesses, to delve into why Principles 1 and 4 of the Eleven Principles are relevant to maintaining a successful work environment.  

Are core ethical values essential to the workplace?

WorkplaceI do not think you can have a caring workplace without core ethical values. I would say it’s flat out impossible. Having core ethical values as the backbone of one’s work is ultimately what encourages growth. It’ll be difficult to have a thriving organization/company without set principles. People need to know what’s behind the company’s business model so they can climb in the boat and row together to prohibit capsizing and drowning. The core values of an organization is the very glue that holds it together, and helps it focus on things that matter. 

What have you learned about maintaining good relationships in the workplace over the years?

People are more valuable than possessions.  I’ve learned how priceless individuals can be in the workplace. The strong relationships I have built with people have translated out of the workplace. In times of trouble, my coworkers have been by my side as strong support. We not only voice out our care and love for one another, but we have taken tangible steps through our actions to show that love. Life hits hard sometimes as most of you know, but when we know we are cared for, we give back.

What makes a good leader in the workplace?

There is nothing like sound leadership and nothing can replace good leadership. People won’t follow poor leadership very long. So how do we lead? We lead through serving one another. Through serving others our actions speak louder than words.

Good leaders are servant leaders and they know they can get the most out of their team when the team knows the boss cares for them. A leader needs to listen and spend time with their fellow teammates. Spending time with employees by listening and asking sincere questions shows a leader cares. However we must remember this should not be lip service, but heart service as well.

Additionally, it is important to reward workers when the time is right. This builds a caring environment. It’s not wise when a company withholds good when it’s in a position to do good. Employees are worth their wages and more when the company is growing in wealth. Leadership is key to the formation of a caring work environment and we need to reward the team as employers when it’s in our power.

Earlier on you mentioned that a caring work environment is imperative to a work setting. Please further your explanation.

Over the years I have found that a caring work environment can be established simply by letting people know you care. When a place has such an atmosphere, it becomes a family to many without and to those who come from challenging home environments. I’ve seen hurt people become whole and grow through being appreciated in the workplace. Beautiful bonds are created when kind words are shared and people support one another. When we refresh others with care, we find it comes back to us in return. I have learned that hurt people hurt people. This in turn hurts an organization. Each one of us individually can show others we care.

Additionally, a caring work environment is also a challenging environment. When we stretch and challenge one another, the team grows stronger. It is important in the workplace to challenge employees with growth opportunities so they do not feel taken for granted. Testing our abilities is a good thing. We should all want to grow.

Any final thoughts you’ll like to offer to employers/employees?

One core principle I believe is important in all work settings is to work not to be people pleasers, but to be the very best we can be. Employers and employees should desire to be the best in their department, serving faithfully and wholeheartedly.

It’s not always perfect at work we know that, but usually one person with a positive attitude can impact the entire workspace. So whether you might be a top executive, or just starting an entry level position in a company, remember we are called to do our very best every day. As time goes on, you will be rewarded for your diligence, good attitude and care. 




pic 4 (2)John Horan is presently a Real Estate Broker/Developer in North Central Florida with LandMark Properties LLC. He has worked on and off in the real estate business for 35 years. Other businesses owned and operated over the years by John have been Budget Car Rentals, a fitness club, a sea food packing company, an LED Lighting manufacturing company, and several mortgage companies. John is a family man, and his hobbies include surfing and playing basketball.