We are so thankful to have three amazing interns helping out at Character.org this summer. Meet our newest friends, Andrés, Calvary & Micah!

picture_characterAndrés Cordero – Research Intern

Andrés is a Swarthmore College international student majoring in anthropology and education. Originally from Costa Rica but growing up in five different countries, he gained an interest in comparative education.

Andrés took active interest in character pedagogy after taking a political theory course in college that highlighted the relevance of ethics in all human endeavors. He believes that character development is the key to personal growth and what transforms educational settings across the globe into thriving communities. After college, he plans to become a teacher and later intends to get a graduate degree in public policy to eventually partake in Costa Rican politics.

Fun Facts about Andres: he is passionate about Latin America, interested in traveling and enjoys soccer.

Calvary_DiggsCalvary Diggs – Communications Intern

Calvary Diggs is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His degree is in Psychology with a minor Education. Prior to his junior year, he read How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. The book began his interest in character education in schools. As a part of mentored research through the McNair Scholars Program, Calvary investigated various academic, behavioral, and social outcomes of character education programs on middle school students.

Because of these interests, he quickly found Character.org and is sure that the internship will be an insightful introduction to working with nonprofits and learning even more about character education before leaving for graduate school in the wintry and exotic land of Minnesota this fall.

Fun facts about Calvary: his favorite character trait is perseverance; he can juggle; he has run a marathon; and he prefers to eat soup with a fork.

photo-39Micah Kenney – National Forum on Character Education Intern

Micah is a rising sophomore at Idaho State University where she is studying to complete a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a concentration in U.S. and World Affairs, while minoring in Business and Political Science. In her free time she enjoys music, photography, traveling, and life in general.

As the daughter of a teacher, Micah has always been fascinated with the integration of character into all aspects of life and society. She passionately believes that, without character, we as a society cannot and will not grow and thrive.

Because of this, Micah identifies with Character.org’s mission and purpose. During her internship, Micah hopes to learn as much as possible to take home to Idaho so that she can help foster communities that stand behind character education and all that it means for the future.

Fun Facts about Micah: She has been to all of the United Kingdom. She plays violin, viola and likes to sing.