Heather_round_web.pngA Message from Heather Cazad, Director of Operations:

During this National Forum in our capital city only a few weeks before a presidential election, we will discuss civic responsibility, creating good citizenship and building leadership in our communities. It’s up to us to make the world better, and we can do that by first developing better people. That’s why we’ve chosen the theme… Educate, Inspire, Empower: Building Productive and Caring Citizens.

With national leadership on our minds, let’s work on helping our students become engaged citizens. Not only are our youth the leaders of tomorrow, we can help encourage them to lead today.

Every fall for the past twenty-two years, educators, researchers, authors, and even students have come together in the interest of improving schools with character education to create a brighter future. There’s enjoyable networking time, inspiring keynotes, and often engaging site visits and tours, but the real value in the Forum comes from the dozens of breakout sessions and workshops full of innovative ideas and best practices we have each year.

So much happens at the Forum, but our highest survey results almost always come from our breakout sessions. The dedicated educators who attend the Forum come because they want to learn as much as possible over the weekend. With more than fifty sessions and presentations from which to choose, that goal is usually realized. Then, these attendees return to their schools and begin implementing what they learned.

We call our conference a national forum because we bring together great minds from all over to join this conversation. Be one of those great minds, and help us enrich this year’s Forum with your unique thoughts. Help us direct the conversation this year whether you attend or present.

Our breakout sessions are vital to the Forum’s success, so we want the best possible options for our 2016 attendees. The Call for Proposals Speaker Application is now open on the Character.org website, so if you have great ideas for teachers related to character education, consider submitting to help educators across the country and around the world make our schools better.

With this year’s theme, we’re looking for sessions that draw on leadership, citizenship and community involvement. That said, if you want to present, be creative in your approach. Interactive sessions work well, and our attendees have their own expertise they bring to the conversation. Use them in your discussion and activities.

Now that you’ve decided to definitely attend this important conference, and you think you might want to present, you need to find the right words to be chosen! Show your excitement. Tell us how your session will make the Forum better. Explain what your attendees will learn. Convince us your session will be the highlight of the entire Forum.

Learn more about the Forum and apply to present today. The deadline is March 1, 2016.