“Beyond Accountability, Inspiring Greatness,” the theme of the CEP’s 2014 National Forum on Character Education. As human beings, we all have sufferings: some of them are physical; some emotional; some are moral issues; and some are health problems. But no matter what our circumstances are, we can bring out our character and be as great of a person as Mr. Wrights is in this video titled “Inspiring Greatness.” 

Mr. Wrights is a high school physics teacher who was recognized by the New York Times for his outstanding job as an educator who teaches lessons that students will use in their lives outside the classroom. He was also honored for his commitment with educational vocation and for his inspiring example of life and love. 

Mr. Wrights has a son with a condition that only 417 people in the world have and he takes this as an opportunity to embody the virtues of great character to their fullest inside and outside of his classroom. 

He is kind with his students since he knows they have a hard life outside the classroom dealing with problems like bullying, family violence, abortion, and other difficult issues. He is as nice, happy, and friendly inside the classroom as in the halls. The students know that Mr. Wrights really cares about them.

Mr. Wrights shows that the great challenges in life need great characters and that virtues are shown not only in the classroom, but in real life tests.

There are many specific strategies to teach and transmit values (character education strategies), as I included 50 of them in my book titled “How to Educate in Ethical Values.” Mr. Wrights uses many of them, for example, denoting in his attitudes the value(s) he wants to promote; being a complete, consistent person and embedding values in his lessons. For example, he facilitates talks about values and virtues in the form of stories and commentaries on historical and literary examples.

I am so happy to now know about Mr. Wrights who is a living example of these strategies and truly knows how to integrate character across subjects. He is an example of an edifying story that really inspires greatness beyond accountability.

I plan to use Mr. Wright’s video as a tool during my #Character2014 Breakout Session, “How to Integrate Character, Inspiring Greatness In All Grade Levels.” I hope to see you there!



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About the Author:

Maricarmen Esper has studied and researched character education for the past 24 years, completing her thesis: “How to Educate in Ethical Values in Schools.” In that time, she has authored a book on her thesis topic which has been distributed across Mexico as a valuable teaching resource for educators and parents. Character education is her personal mission and passion in life, and she has trained parents and teachers for the past two decades in strategies, reaching goals, and motivation.