BIGCharacter-Day-Badge-for-NonMembersThroughout September, our blog has focused on engaging parents, families and the community at large in your school’s character education efforts. While consistent involvement throughout the year is important, as our resource roundup suggests, holding school-wide events can be a great way to build connections and create a sense of unity.

Your school may already engage the community in typical events like Back to School night, choral & band concerts and sports games, but do you have a community event dedicated specifically to character? Consider participating in Character Day 2015, as way to show your commitment to character.

What exactly is Character Day?

Watch Let It Ripple’s video to find out:

Character Day – September 18, 2015 from The Moxie Institute on Vimeo.

How can I participate?

There are many ways to get involved in Character Day. Decide what works best for you!

Start small…

Celebrating Character Day could be as simple as showing the film to your family and friends or having a short discussion with your class.

or Think BIG!

If you’re looking to make an big impact, consider following Oklahoma’s lead and making Character Day state-wide with an official proclamation.

Attend a Character Day event…

Join us at our Character Day event in Washington D.C. at Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School!

We will be hosting the screenings of two short films, “The Science of Character” and “The Adaptable Mind”. The event will also include an interactive panel discussion on integrating character education into your school and community. The event is free but registration is required.

Sign up here:  

or Host Your Own!

Too far away to attend our event? That’s okay!

Simply sign up for Character Day here and host your own screening. The films are only 8-10 minutes long, leaving plenty of time for discussion and community building activities.

Need more guidance for your Character Day event? All members will receive a special Character Day Toolkit complete with lesson plans and helpful articles to help you make the most of Character Day. Join us today at