describe the imageConference By Maricarmen Esper, author, speaker, character educator

As we all agree, character education is the main and essential part of education around the world. If we want a world with high ethics, virtues and peace, then governments, schools, families and communities all must promote, educate, evaluate, and try so hard to work for it.

This is what I saw in Washington, D.C., last November, when I was so blessed to travel from Mexico to speak at CEP’s International Summit and then to attend its National Forum. For me, CEP represents an actual, beautiful resource for character education, which I see as the great “HOPE” for the people in the world. H” stands for the < span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>HIGH purposes of education around the globe; “O” is for the OPPORTUNITIES that CEP offers as tools and resources for principals, teachers, schools, families and any individual who can benefit from them; “P” means PARTNERSHIPS, where all of us with the same goals can be partners in this effort to make a better society; and “E” represents EXCELLENCE, doing everything with the highest quality, with passion and with love.

I saw all of that at the Summit and at the Forum, where there were souls, minds, and hearts beating together for the same goal. As an author dedicated to promoting ethical values in society, I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn more, to confirm my knowledge, to meet so many great professionals in education, and to gain more wisdom and strength to work even harder for this goal.

On my trip to Washington, I saw one more time the beautiful memorial monuments of America’s national heroes –Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. I was reminded how these heroes had made great changes in the nation, living many virtues, doing things that reflected ethics, love and integrity. They changed the “status quo,” using their gifts and leadership for the common good and in helping the country to be better. To me, these memorials are also monuments to their character.

As you may have guessed, I like to use acronyms as a tool to help me remember and to analyze information, and I have written some about character education. As I think about the CEP conference, the summits and the organization, itself, I see each one of the people there as an agent of hope and transformation in our society.

May all of us continue doing all that we can for the spread of virtues, ethical values and character education around the globe. Thank you.


CEP will be hosting another international summit at the 2014 National Forum. See details at