In honor of Earth Day today, April 22nd, here are some highlights from our resources related to the environment, science, and “going green.” When you have a chance, be sure to check out the rest of the lesson plans and best practices provided by our wonderful exemplary schools.

Lesson Plans

Introducing Recycling: Introduce students to the concept of recycling and show them its importance through this reflective and easy-to-implement activity.

Developing Enrichment Toys for Zoo Animals: A more extensive activity that will take some planning and coordination, this plan outlines a science-based activity that has students research animals, their needs, and then design materials to be used in their habitats at the zoo, with the supervision of a zookeeper.

Waves of Life: A fun way to introduce frequency and wavelength properties in a science class while tying the concept to our experiences of emotions.

Promising Practices

Save the Bay: A great example of a school getting involved in an environmental issue of vital importance to their local community by aiming to help initiatives to revitalize the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

Schoolyard Habitats: By developing an outdoor habitat on school grounds, this school got the entire community involved and created a space that can be used for class studies throughout the years to come.

Litter Getters: Each afternoon, one class from this school takes just a few minutes to walk through the school and its yard to pick up trash, thereby keeping the grounds beautiful and getting the students invested in maintaining a clean environment.

Student Recycling Initiative: Started by students, this program aims to educate all students and get the school involved in recycling the correct materials. Now all students and staff participate in the daily collection.

Environmental Club: This student club meets weekly to discuss environmental issues. Each member researches a topic of interest and presents a Powerpoint on the subject, while guest speakers and fundraising activities get the whole school involved in efforts to impact the wider community.

Lil’ Scientists: A unique collaboration between 8th grade science students and local kindergarteners. The 8th graders research topics and come in to the kindergarten classrooms several times throughout the school year to lead a presentation on such age-appropriate lessons as hand-washing and recycling.

We hope these ideas might spark some thoughts for practices to implement within your own school. What Earth Day-related activities is your school already taking part in?