Join the fifth annual Character Day on September 26, 2018! Last year there were over 133,000 Character Day events in 150 countries and all 50 states.

Character Day is a free day and global initiative where school districts, individual classrooms, companies, organizations, and families — groups of all sizes — screen films on the science of character development from different perspectives, dive into free printed discussion materials catered to different ages, and join an online global Q&A conversation featuring prominent leaders discussing the importance of developing character strengths (resilience, grit, empathy, courage, kindness)–all rooted in evidence-based research. Character Day is one day. The resources are available year-round. Please watch the 1 minute trailer and sign up today!


  • Character Day and all of the materials are supported by grants so there is no cost to participate.

  • Your Character Day event(s) can look and feel any way you would like it to be…..any time of the day, anywhere, and any size.

  • The Character Day team provides your group with films, the Periodic Table of Character Strengths Poster, printed discussion materials, a robust online hub of resources, and an online conversation with leading experts on Character education from multiple perspectives


You may watch the acclaimed films “30,000 Days” (11 min), “The Science of Character (8mins) and “The Adaptable Mind”(11 min) to get a better sense of what types of films will be shown on Character Day. A new feature length film,” Connected,” will be offered this year along with other curated resources from partner organizations.

Below: A poster of The Periodic Table of Character Strengths is included in the free hands-on discussion kit. Also included in the kits: a deck of 44 conversation cards with discussion guides, questions for all ages, and quotes related to the poster.  


Join many for Character Day on September 26th, where groups from around the world screen films on the science of character development from different perspectives. Students dive into free printed discussion materials and resources while joining an online global conversation around character strengths. Find out more at!