Blended (Social & Emotional) Learning

by Anya Warburg As of 2010, approximately 4 million students were impacted by online learning components embedded into their daily curriculum, cementing blended learning principles in schools across the world – and that number is growing. Exponentially. It is no secret that technology in the classroom has the ability to engage students like no other … Continue reading “Blended (Social & Emotional) Learning” Technology Update

As this month, and with it our focus on technology, draws to a close, I wanted to make sure that I shared a couple of the exciting new ways is using technology to enhance our resources and our ability to connect with educators across the world. Introducing… A Brand New Webstore We’re now offering … Continue reading “ Technology Update”

Happy Digital Learning Day!

How many times have you looked at your cell phone today? How many times have you checked your email? How about Facebook? Whether we like it or not, technology is integrated into everything that we do. Because of that, need to think critically and intentionally about how we want to integrate technology into our schools … Continue reading “Happy Digital Learning Day!”

Digital Citizenship: Character Education for Digital Lifestyles

  by Jason Ohler In many parts of the world, one of the most universally available international experiences is traveling the World Wide Web. It’s hard to believe, but the Internet and the world of ubiquitous connectivity have only gained widespread adoption within the last fifteen years. Yet they are so embedded in our everyday experience … Continue reading “Digital Citizenship: Character Education for Digital Lifestyles”

Five Reasons to Use Game-based Assessment to Measure your Character Programming

By Jessica Berlinski, Chief Impact Officer of Personalized Learning Games (PLG)  Up until now, measuring the efficacy of your character programming has been challenging. Essentially, there’s been two ways to measure students’ character traits and social and emotional learning (SEL) skills: teacher observations and student surveys. As most of you are all too aware, teacher or … Continue reading “Five Reasons to Use Game-based Assessment to Measure your Character Programming”

The Digital World: Reduce Restrictions to Increase Competence

By Chris Parrott As the statistics on cyberbullying and sexting rise, a growing sense of alarm does as well. Parents and educators want to know, “How do we protect our kids? How can we safeguard them against the potential dangers involved in social media and Internet use?” The truth is: nothing is 100% foolproof. Handling … Continue reading “The Digital World: Reduce Restrictions to Increase Competence”

Character & Technology Resource Roundup

At the 2015 National Forum on Character Education, I visited the Center for Civil & Human Rights with a group of educators. I ran into another conference attendee and asked her how she was liked the museum. She excitedly informed me that she was able to videochat one of the classes at her school, using … Continue reading “Character & Technology Resource Roundup”

How to Wean Kids from TV and Video Games and Back into L.I.F.E.

Noted psychologist and parenting expert Michele Borba serves on CEP’s Board of Directors and shares  her blogs with us. To read more check out her home page. Follow her on Twitter @micheleborba. The majority of parents admit their kids are in front of that TV more than they’d like, but with summer here that could … Continue reading “How to Wean Kids from TV and Video Games and Back into L.I.F.E.”

Should We Require Teaching Digital Citizenship? Yes.

Digital citizenship should not only be required, it should also become the primary lens through which we ask our children and ourselves to view the world. Our prosperity, humanity, and indeed even our survival, may well depend on it.

4 Safety Rules to Curb Cyber-bullying

REALITY CHECK: Did you know that a recent survey found that almost 70 percent of adolescents say the best way for them to be safe online is through education? Are you educating your child how to be safe online?

Technology and Character Education

By Lindsey Wright The use of technology has been a growing force in education. Once, classrooms were relatively isolated, nestled into a school in a suburb, small town or city. Now, regardless of physical location, today’s students have access to the larger world through the Internet. However, the focus of education itself has not necessarily … Continue reading “Technology and Character Education”


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