Empowering Students Through Self-Assessment

By Svetlana Nikic, Academic Instruction Coordinator & Algebra Teacher, Busch Middle School of Character In these times of great technological change and computer apps, teachers are inundated with data and therefore often puzzled how to revise their approaches to assessment that often fails to inform about direct learning, teaching and the whole child. To resolve … Continue reading “Empowering Students Through Self-Assessment”

Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students

When do you feel most motivated? It’s unlikely your answer is, when I’m studying for an arbitrary standardized test or completing activities that require rote memorization. Perhaps you feel most motivated when you’ve set clear goals for yourself that are meaningful to you or when you’re working on a project that draws on a passion … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students”

Student Leadership for All

By Lisa Stutts, Special Education Teacher at 2015 National School of Character: Northern Parkway School Can all students be leaders? How do we empower leadership in our school? All students can be leaders. We as educators may need to shift our mindset to believe it. We all can fall into the trap of having our “go … Continue reading “Student Leadership for All”

How Almost Losing My Job Led to More Inspired Teaching

By Becky Sipos The principal came to my classroom door with the bad news, “Because enrollment has declined for next year, we have to make some cuts, and since you were the last hired, that means we have to let you go.” Devastating news, but I had heard this story before. In the early days … Continue reading “How Almost Losing My Job Led to More Inspired Teaching”

Teaching Character within a Rigorous Curriculum

Creating opportunities for character education within a rigorous curriculum sounds great, but teachers are overwhelmed by constantly changing requirements, high stakes testing and large class sizes. Finding time for character education in an already busy schedule can feel impossible. “I don’t have time for character education. My focus must be on teaching academics.” Do these … Continue reading “Teaching Character within a Rigorous Curriculum”

Resources for a Meaningful & Challenging Curriculum

During the month of April, the Character.org blog will focus on Principle 6, creating a meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that respects all learners. The 11 Principles framework provides a variety of indicators that demonstrate a school has excelled at this task. Our Character Resource Roundup focuses in on three important indicators:

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