Emotional Intelligence Charters in the Lower School

By Laura Taylor, LCSW, Lower School Counselor and Keith Sarkisian, Lower School Director Have you ever eavesdropped on a group of 1st Graders discussing the difference between feeling included vs.feeling liked? Have you had the opportunity to listen to two 4th Graders disagree over the subtle nuances of feeling optimistic vs.feeling hopeful? How about a class of Kindergarteners … Continue reading “Emotional Intelligence Charters in the Lower School”

How to Become a Socially Inclusive School

By Dr. Maurice Elias, Director Social-Emotional Learning Lab, Rutgers University IN ITS COMPREHENSIVE CASE STUDY OF SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS, Special Olympics’ Project UNIFY (3) identified the common factors across schools that had created a bridge from social inclusion programs to a genuinely positive school climate. The case study findings are here (4), and I’m also … Continue reading “How to Become a Socially Inclusive School”

How Are Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core Connected?

By Maurice Elias, Professor, Rutgers University Psychology Department In September, 2013, the Education Advisory Council of the Character Education Partnership published a white paper titled, “Integrating Common Core and Character Education: Why It Is Essential and How It Can Be Done.” Kristin Fink and Karen Geller, acclaimed educators both, co-chaired the process and I asked … Continue reading “How Are Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core Connected?”

A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students

By Maurice Elias As we edge towards the end of the calendar year and the first half of the school year, we can benefit from taking stock of what has happened thus far and also, put aside regretful events or actions that might hold us back from a good start in the new year. I … Continue reading “A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students”

A Call to All Social-Emotional Learning Leaders

By Maurice Elias,Professor, Rutgers University Psychology Department and Edutopia Blogger It’s time for the leaders of the social-emotional learning (SEL) and character education fields to jump in the sandbox together and create a set of common guidelines for implementation in schools.  This is a variation of the “Manhattan Project” called for years ago by Tim … Continue reading “A Call to All Social-Emotional Learning Leaders”

Character Is Our Super Power

 by Barbara Gruener Is anyone out there as excited about the upcoming CEP National Forum as I am? One of my very favorite things about October is the chance to connect with other character educators from around the US and beyond its borders. It’s been an annual booster shot for me since I first attended … Continue reading “Character Is Our Super Power”

Creating Safe Spaces that Nurture Learning

When it comes to flourishing in school nowadays, scientific evidence is mounting that confirms what many of us have suspected all along—that if we want children to truly learn, and to perform better in life as both students and citizens, then we have to educate them in an environment that they see as safe, caring … Continue reading “Creating Safe Spaces that Nurture Learning”

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