Advice to Graduates in 2017

One of the things I always liked about teaching is that each year brings a beginning and a closure. Most jobs don’t have that; days and years tend to run together, with varying projects, perhaps, but no ceremonial starts and stops. Of course, for education, the biggest ceremony of all is graduation. 

Farewell–The Case for Character goes on

As I contemplate my retirement at the end of this month, I have been reflecting a lot about and the state of character today. As an organization, we have much to celebrate. Some notable numbers: Largest group of National Schools of Character in our 2016 class Significant growth in applicants for 2017 from 28 … Continue reading “Farewell–The Case for Character goes on”

Why Should We Celebrate President’s Day?

 By Becky Sipos, President & CEO’s vision is young people everywhere who are educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens. As Presidents’ Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about the “ethical and engaged citizens” aspect. It’s a part of our mission statement as well. How are we doing?

Why Should We Celebrate Presidents’ Day?

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