School Safety Summit Recap Part 2

School Safety Summit a weighty, timely success: Impresses importance of crisis management plansPart 2 of a blog reporting on CEP’s 2013 National School Safety Summit on October 24th. The summit included presentations and discussions which largely fell into two broad categories: preventing violence with improved school climate and engagement, and crisis management responses to active … Continue reading “School Safety Summit Recap Part 2”

Committing to the Sandy Hook Promise

 By Russell J. Sojourner, Ph.D

How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting

The senseless school shooting that happened Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut is every parent’s nightmare. My heart breaks, as I’m sure yours does, when I think about these families. As of this moment [written 12/14/12] 28 people, 20 of whom were children between four and ten years … Continue reading “How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting”

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