Resource Roundup: Navigating the 2016 Election

The 2012 Presidential election coincided with my very first year of teaching. My students often came into my classroom asking if I watched the debates or if I’d seen the latest attack advertisement on President Obama or Governor Romney. Of course they’d always follow up asking which candidate I was voting for and what party … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Navigating the 2016 Election”

Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!

While there’s no particular order you need to address each of the 11 Principles, naturally, many schools start with principle 1, “The school promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundations of core values.” When it comes to principle 1, the most valuable resources you have at your disposal are your stakeholders: administrators, teachers, … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!”

Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students

When do you feel most motivated? It’s unlikely your answer is, when I’m studying for an arbitrary standardized test or completing activities that require rote memorization. Perhaps you feel most motivated when you’ve set clear goals for yourself that are meaningful to you or when you’re working on a project that draws on a passion … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students”

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