Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying

By Suzanne Lyons, Founder, Cooperative Games Background on Bullying The basic fact of bullying is that it is a cruel torment, so disturbing that most educators would prefer to look away. But of course we know we cannot. The Department of Health and Human Services defines bullying this way: Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior among school-aged … Continue reading “Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying”

4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

 By Lisa Stutts, Special Education Teacher, Northern Parkway School, 2015 National School of Character As teachers, it is essential that we make the process of providing feedback a positive learning experience for each student. Feedback paves the way for continued learning. Consider the following 4 tips to effective feedback all while building character.    Be Specific … Continue reading “4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback”

The Rhythm of Relationships

By Jennifer Paterson, Founder & President of California Music Studios The impact that music can have on our lives is incredible. Exposure to music can shape our emotions, advance our intelligence, and impact our future, starting in the womb and continuing throughout our lives. The right melodies, in the right moments, can be essential to … Continue reading “The Rhythm of Relationships”

Using Advisory Effectively: A Case Study

By Sarah Novick Advisory can be a great vehicle to implement character education.  I recently had the privilege of getting to know students, teachers, teacher-advisors, and administrators involved with revamping an advisory program at San Francisco University High School (SFUHS). For about 20 years SFUHS had an advisory period in its schedule. When I got … Continue reading “Using Advisory Effectively: A Case Study”

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