I Am Grateful.

I just finished reading Brain on Fire, a powerful memoir of journalist Susannah Cahalan’s descent into madness. It is a gripping personal story as well as a fascinating look at the cutting edge of neuroscience. But one small story in the book really captured my heart–the story of Dr. Souhel Najjar, the doctor who was … Continue reading “I Am Grateful.”

A Surprising Move: Traditional End-of-Year Awards Ceremony Scheduled for Fall

by Becky Sipos It’s the time of year when most schools are having award assemblies to celebrate their end-of-year achievements, so I was surprised to learn that Bayless High School, a 2015 National School of Character, decided to move its assembly to the fall. What were they thinking? I called principal Patrick McEvoy to find … Continue reading “A Surprising Move: Traditional End-of-Year Awards Ceremony Scheduled for Fall”

How Reflection Can Transform Your School

At 2014 National School of Character, Smith Street School, reflection is so important that the school made it one of its core values. Principal, Lynnda Nadien, reflects on the impact that reflection has had on the students, the teachers and the school culture. by Lynnda Nadien As building principal, I am extremely proud of my … Continue reading “How Reflection Can Transform Your School”

Teaching about Genocide: Reflecting as a Community

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”– Elie Weisel With Holocaust Remembrance day beginning on April 15 at sundown, I have been wondering how the Holocaust is discussed in the classroom and even if it is discussed at all. As Weisel’s quote suggests, studying the Holocaust, or any genocide, for that matter, provides … Continue reading “Teaching about Genocide: Reflecting as a Community”

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