Build Positive Character This Summer through Books

By Kris Yankee, Co-Founder, High 5 for Character Summer reading was always an escape for me. I read as much as I could and as often as I was able. The Nancy Drew Mysteries series was one of my favorites. I loved that there were twists and turns, and even though it was always possible that Nancy wouldn’t … Continue reading “Build Positive Character This Summer through Books”

Making Summer Learning Fun: A Lesson from Public Libraries

By Rebecca Bauer Teachers assign summer reading. Parents nag their children to complete it. Students begrudgingly obey. I’ll always remember the summers I spent resentfully slogging my way through dense and difficult reads from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens to Machiavelli’s The Prince. Teaching challenging texts is an integral part of a high quality education, … Continue reading “Making Summer Learning Fun: A Lesson from Public Libraries”

The Power of Reading

by Dave Keller As a parent, some of my fondest memories revolve around countless evenings reading with my children. Most families have their own personalized rituals — my family is no different. For us, reading was more of an event, rather than a mere activity. We read together as a group, often using silly accents … Continue reading “The Power of Reading”

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