Test Post Promising Practices

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Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 ways to prepare your classroom for excellence

Character education rests on a simple principle: actions matter. In our day-to-day lives, acts of good character can benefit the self and others. Agreeing on that should be easy. What’s next is more difficult. How can we, as education professionals, help schools improve as environments that nurture character development? If you haven’t recently read How Children Succeed, … Continue reading “Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 ways to prepare your classroom for excellence”

Infusing Character Into Everyday Teaching & Learning

by Dave Keller Outstanding educators consistently look for ways to infuse character lessons into everyday teaching and learning. When teachers do this consistently, students are far more likely to view character as an integral part of learning and life — rather than simply another “topic” to learn alongside reading, science, math and many others. Character.org … Continue reading “Infusing Character Into Everyday Teaching & Learning”

Promising Practices in Service Learning

by Rebecca Bauer Are you looking to revamp or improve your service learning program? Challenge yourself to go beyond the typical annual food drive or fundraiser. Read about these three schools’ unique and powerful practices and the lessons we can all learn from them. Consider how you can make these ideas work in your own … Continue reading “Promising Practices in Service Learning”

What is your school doing for others? Reflecting on Service Learning

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Though a simple question, it is one we can never ask our students enough. The Corporation for National and Community Service urges us to consider the Martin Luther King Day, “a day on not a day off” … Continue reading “What is your school doing for others? Reflecting on Service Learning”

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Promising Practices Spotlight: Brennan Woods Elementary School

Brennan Woods Elementary School – High Ridge, MO Program: Grandparents’ Luau The teachers at Brennan Woods Elementary School in High Ridge, Missouri, developed a Promising Practice event that honors grandparents, called the Grandparents’ Luau. The grandparents of second graders at Brennen Woods are invited to a luau every September. The second-grade teachers plan activities for … Continue reading “Promising Practices Spotlight: Brennan Woods Elementary School”

Promising Practices Spotlight: Bonneville Elementary School

Bonneville Elementary School – Salt Lake City, UT Program: Go Green Bonneville Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, created a Promising Practice called the “Go Green” Team. Third-graders discovered how to “Go Green” through activities such as the Morning Mile, the “Go Green” Operas, the Recycled Gifts Boutique, and the Recycling Science Fair project. … Continue reading “Promising Practices Spotlight: Bonneville Elementary School”

Promising Practices Spotlight: Bayless Intermediate

Bayless Intermediate – St. Louis, MO Program: Random Acts of Kindness Once a month, student leaders at Bayless Intermediate in St. Louis, Missouri, meet to plan character-related activities. This particular Promising Practice promoted random acts of kindness. The student leaders planned an assembly that included a video news story, skits, and games that showed examples … Continue reading “Promising Practices Spotlight: Bayless Intermediate”

Proud to Present our 2012 Promising Practices for Character Education

A record number of Promising Practices were awarded this afternoon during the 19th annual National Forum on Character Education. Lisa Greeves, Promising Practices program director, presented delegations from many of the 297 Promising Practices winners. The ceremony featured guest speaker Charles Haynes, Chairman of the Board at CEP, and was  Promising Practices put one or … Continue reading “Proud to Present our 2012 Promising Practices for Character Education”

2012 Promising Practices In Character Education Winners

We love ideas — new, creative, and powerful ways to effectively integrate character education into the lives of students who need it. This afternoon, we were treated to a peak into the world of this year’s amazing crop of Promising Practices recipients! Check out an amazing and passionate group of students from Comsewogue High School … Continue reading “2012 Promising Practices In Character Education Winners”

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