Choosing Your Core Values

by Becky Sipos Which is better: honesty or integrity? empathy or compassion? Of course, it’s a bogus question. Both are good. At first glance, principle one sounds easy “Choose your core values.” But there are so many good qualities out there, how do you choose?  And how long do you stick with your choices? When … Continue reading “Choosing Your Core Values”


Dear CEP Friends, My many thanks to all of you. Yes, it is gratitude that overwhelms me this week as I step down as CEP President and CEO.  I accepted this position two years ago with the blessing of CEP founder Sandy McDonnell, who sadly passed away less than 80 days after I took office. … Continue reading “AN HONOR AND A PRIVILEGE”

Can Cyber-citizenship Tame the Digital ‘Wild West’?

The sudden emergence of a plethora of cyber issues that literally defines K–12 policy toward technology integration has created a dire need for ethical clarity and behavioral policy. The digital age beckons us to usher in a new era of character education, aimed directly at addressing the opportunities and challenges of living a digital lifestyle.                                                                                         Jason … Continue reading “Can Cyber-citizenship Tame the Digital ‘Wild West’?”

The Content of Our Character

By Mark HyattPresident & CEO This Aug. 28 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have A Dream” speech—or as we like to refer to it at CEP, his “Content of Character” speech. From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, addressing more than 250,000 civil rights supporters … Continue reading “The Content of Our Character”

Happy Campers Building Character

By Mark Hyatt, President & CEO Before the summer slips away from us all, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment here to talk about the wonderful experience that occurred June 16-21 at CEP’s  second Leaders of Character Camp (LoCC), hosted once again by my alma mater, the U.S. Air Force … Continue reading “Happy Campers Building Character”

Empathy: To lead is to listen and to learn

Thank goodness my wife opened my eyes to the importance of empathy before I became a father and a school leader. To be honest, for the first half of my life, I was so driven to achieve the task at hand that I struggled to understand why some people just couldn’t show up, get to work and do what they had to … Continue reading “Empathy: To lead is to listen and to learn”

Happy Holidays and A Call to Action from Mark Hyatt

Dear CEP Family—   On behalf of the entire CEP staff and Board of Directors, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and New Year.  Like most of America in these uncharacteristically somber days, we at CEP are filled with great sadness as the K-12 community from coast to coast takes its winter break and bids … Continue reading “Happy Holidays and A Call to Action from Mark Hyatt”

Another Sports Hero Turned Fraud? ‘Say It Ain’t So’

President’s Post: Another Sports Hero Turned Fraud? “Say It Ain’t So”

President’s Post: Leadership’s Most Essential Ingredient

President’s Post: Off We Go!

CEP VISION STATEMENT Young people everywhere who are educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens. CEP MISSION STATEMENT Providing the vision, leadership and resources for schools, families and communities to develop ethical citizens committed to building a just and caring world. Exciting times for CEP!  On August 27th, we officially entered our … Continue reading “President’s Post: Off We Go!”

President’s Post: Can Character Be Taught? In a Word, “Yes!”

“Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At the Character Education Partnership (CEP), we certainly believe character can and should be taught. So I have been particularly thrilled by all the attention and wide praise that has been garnered by the important new … Continue reading “President’s Post: Can Character Be Taught? In a Word, “Yes!””

President’s Post: Broader Impact of Bullying

Earlier this month, I attended the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit here in D.C. Now, we all know how concerned Secretary Arne Duncan and the U.S. Dept. of Education are about this issue. But I was particularly heartened to hear how pro-active the U.S. Justice Department is. They are also working to reduce and prevent … Continue reading “President’s Post: Broader Impact of Bullying”


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