Character Education Data and the New Character Map

By Sora Wondra, Advancement Officer CEP often receives inquiries from researchers asking about state-level character education legislation or from teachers and parents who are interested in finding a local National School of Character. In order to share this valuable information with a larger audience, has developed a new at-a-glance tool—the Character Map.

How Can Schools and Districts of Character Create Safe and Civil Schools?

Can character education be implemented in a huge, diverse school district where students speak over 100 languages? Fort Bend says “yes!” and is advocating for comprehensive character education because they are so happy with the results.

National School of Character Case Study- Plattin Primary in Missouri

When Sara leaves her house each day, she know she has loving teachers waiting. Every day that 8-year-old Sara goes to school, educators at Plattin Primary in Festus, Missouri make sure she encounters a culture of character. Plattin students start each day off with a curbside greeting from their principle and PE teacher. Once inside the building, … Continue reading “National School of Character Case Study- Plattin Primary in Missouri”

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