Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School

Practicing kindness is what helps children tune into other people’s feelings and needs, trust more, step out of their own skins to understand others, and become UnSelfies (“more we, less me” oriented). Each kind act nudges kids to notice others (“I see how you feel”). Care (“I’m concerned about you”), empathize (“I feel with you”) and … Continue reading “Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School”

How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting

The senseless school shooting that happened Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut is every parent’s nightmare. My heart breaks, as I’m sure yours does, when I think about these families. As of this moment [written 12/14/12] 28 people, 20 of whom were children between four and ten years … Continue reading “How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting”

Michele Borba’s Essential 6 R’s of Bullying Prevention

Internationally recognized expert and author Michele Borba gave attendees a tour-de-force of the critical components of effective bullying prevention. Most people don’t realize what an issue bullying is in the United States, but a few statistics make it clear that we have an epidemic. Today, 1 in 3 US students are bullied. Rates are similarly … Continue reading “Michele Borba’s Essential 6 R’s of Bullying Prevention”

Help for Parents: 18 Tips to Protect Your Teen from Cyber-bullies

“A number of middle school students—including my daughter–are receiving vicious anonymous e-mails and text messages from peers. The school sent a letter home describing the problem as ‘cyber-bullying.’ What do I do to help my daughter? When do I worry? Do I call the police? HELP please!” – A concerned mother from Omaha, NE

Bully Prevention: Helping Kids Cool Hot Tempers

“I tried to stay calm, but it was too late!” “I wish I could tell when I’m about to explode.” “Don’t keep telling me I’m going to lose all my friends because of my temper. I can’t help it.” Your child may be more excitable or passionate by nature, but sometimes this emotional temperament can … Continue reading “Bully Prevention: Helping Kids Cool Hot Tempers”

4 Safety Rules to Curb Cyber-bullying

REALITY CHECK: Did you know that a recent survey found that almost 70 percent of adolescents say the best way for them to be safe online is through education? Are you educating your child how to be safe online?

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids Reading

REALITY CHECK:Are you aware that kids can lose upward of three months’ worth of reading progress during summer break? The infamous “summer reading slump” is well documented and shows that learning declines in most kids during these lazy, crazy days, but especially so in reading. Kent State education professor, Timothy Rasinski, points out that this … Continue reading “9 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids Reading”

Surprising Ways to Nurture Empathy in Kids

by Michele Borba REALITY CHECK: Empathy is the moral virtue that helps children “identify with and feel other people’s concerns.” When they do, they are more likely to reach out and respond in more caring, compassionate ways to others. Unlike genetics or appearance or most temperaments, empathy can be cultivated, and research shows that infants … Continue reading “Surprising Ways to Nurture Empathy in Kids”

5 Steps to Boost Reliability and Responsibility in Children

Parenting advice to curb irresponsibility, excuses and “blame games” and boost trustworthiness, accountability and kid responsibility Any of these sound familiar? “I forgot.” “Take care of this for me.” “It wasn’t my fault.” “I did some of it, but I left it on the bus.” “I don’t know where I put it.” They are statements … Continue reading “5 Steps to Boost Reliability and Responsibility in Children”

Eight Secrets to Raise “Can Do” Kids

38 Parenting Practices That Build Moral Intelligence

REALITY CHECK: The family is the first school of virtue. Even in our increasingly toxic culture, parents can still have the inside track in their children’s development because parents are their children’s first and most important moral teachers. That premise only applies, though, if parents choose to use their moral influence. Remember, children do not … Continue reading “38 Parenting Practices That Build Moral Intelligence”

15 Serious Facts about High School Stress

Every parent and educator must know these troubling facts about our teens. Each fact is a wake-up call, but together they should mean: “Time for Code Red” This blog was written by the Bachelor’s Degree Online and published with its permission. One of the greatest lies ever perpetuated about the teen years is that they’re … Continue reading “15 Serious Facts about High School Stress”

Helping Girls Become Confident Leaders

Contributed by Michele Borba Parenting advice on how to raise strong, confident daughters from the inside out based on research by the Girl Scouts of the USA What parent doesn’t want his or her daughter to be a leader? After all, that top role – be it debate captain, head cheerleader, newspaper editor, play director, … Continue reading “Helping Girls Become Confident Leaders”

19 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied and What to Do about It

Warnings signs that your child is being bulliedIf your child is bullied it means that a peer or peers are intentionally causing her or him pain. Peer abuse! Just the thought can send shivers down our spines. But the fact is 160,000 children skip school every day because they fear being attacked or intimidated by … Continue reading “19 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied and What to Do about It”

Nurturing Tolerance to Reduce Bullying

  Contributed by Michele Borba How teaching children tolerance can curb bullying and peer cruelty REALITY CHECK: Did you know that today’s American youth is displaying intolerant actions at alarming rates – and at younger and younger ages? The FBI tells us most hate crimes are committed by youths younger than nineteen. Tolerance is a … Continue reading “Nurturing Tolerance to Reduce Bullying”

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