10 Ways To Raise Kids To Care: Simple Ways Parents Can Help Today’s ME Generation Learn to Be Kind

Empathy is the ability to identify with and feel for another person. It’s the powerful quality that halts violent and cruel behavior and urges us to treat others kindly. Empathy emerges naturally and quite early, which means our children are born with a huge built-in advantage for success and happiness. Though children are born with … Continue reading “10 Ways To Raise Kids To Care: Simple Ways Parents Can Help Today’s ME Generation Learn to Be Kind”

Creating a Culture of Kindness

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop Kindness is a wonderful thing! A quick look in the dictionary reveals that to be kind means to be: thoughtful, friendly, considerate, warm, helpful and caring towards others. Who among us wouldn’t wish for a bit more of that? Join the Kindness Revolution Most educators … Continue reading “Creating a Culture of Kindness”

Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School

Practicing kindness is what helps children tune into other people’s feelings and needs, trust more, step out of their own skins to understand others, and become UnSelfies (“more we, less me” oriented). Each kind act nudges kids to notice others (“I see how you feel”). Care (“I’m concerned about you”), empathize (“I feel with you”) and … Continue reading “Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School”

Choosing Love

By Scarlett Lewis, Founder of Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement Following the murder of my 6 year old son in his first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I asked myself the same two questions that everyone was asking: how could something like this happen, and what can I do to make sure this never … Continue reading “Choosing Love”

Increasing Empathy & Disability Awareness through Project HEART

by Kim Dailey, Special School District Educator, Lindbergh Schools Thirty-one years of classroom teaching has taken me from my home in the Midwest, to the East Coast, to the West Coast, and home again. Today I’m very fortunate to live in one caring community and work in yet another.  I see evidence of this care … Continue reading “Increasing Empathy & Disability Awareness through Project HEART”

Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!

While there’s no particular order you need to address each of the 11 Principles, naturally, many schools start with principle 1, “The school promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundations of core values.” When it comes to principle 1, the most valuable resources you have at your disposal are your stakeholders: administrators, teachers, … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!”

Placemats for Kindness

After seeing so many schools enthusiastically participating in Random Acts of Kindness week, I continue to think about the important role that kindness plays in any school environment. National School of Character, John Poole Middle School (Poolesville, Maryland) is dedicated to encouraging kindness and the community has found creative and engaging ways to integrate this … Continue reading “Placemats for Kindness”

Get Ready for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

    Did you know that Random Acts of Kindness week is less than two weeks away? In order to provide you with the best resources, I turned to an expert. Marilyn Decalo, the Education Director at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation explains how Random Acts of Kindness can transform your classroom, improve school climate and … Continue reading “Get Ready for Random Acts of Kindness Week!”

Character Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms

We want every classroom to be a caring and kind one. Unfortunately, with the emphasis on literacy and math, encouraging good character isn’t always seen as a priority. We want to re-energize you in your pursuit to help every child develop empathy and consideration for others. We’ve listed some of the best resources for creating … Continue reading “Character Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms”

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