Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 MORE ways to prepare your classroom for excellence

Last week, I shared 3 great ways to prepare your classroom for excellence as you head back to school. This week, here are three more ways to improve your room!Tip 4: Developing “eyes in the back of your head” Tip 4: Developing “eyes in the back of your head” Have you ever had one of those … Continue reading “Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 MORE ways to prepare your classroom for excellence”

The Power of Perseverance: Character, Health and Fitness

This blog was written from my perspective as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a lifelong exerciser.  It provides very helpful and easy-to-understand tips on losing weight and getting into better shape.  My goal is to help those who struggle in one or both areas.  All of the information comes from a longer paper on the … Continue reading “The Power of Perseverance: Character, Health and Fitness”

Helping Your Child Achieve Mature Independence

Children constantly strive for independence from the time they begin walking to the time they move out of the house, but parents continually stifle that quest for freedom. How? By telling their children what they should do, how they should do it, and where that should happen. You’ve probably been there with your child whose … Continue reading “Helping Your Child Achieve Mature Independence”

Dealing with Difficult Students, A Challenge Worth Accepting

Dealing with a difficult child is one of those necessary tasks in education and parenting that we would all choose to forgo if given the opportunity. The fact remains that dealing with these kids provides an excellent opportunity to shape and mold a student’s character.

Bully Prevention: Helping Kids Cool Hot Tempers

“I tried to stay calm, but it was too late!” “I wish I could tell when I’m about to explode.” “Don’t keep telling me I’m going to lose all my friends because of my temper. I can’t help it.” Your child may be more excitable or passionate by nature, but sometimes this emotional temperament can … Continue reading “Bully Prevention: Helping Kids Cool Hot Tempers”

PBIS and Character Education: An Evolution towards Best Practice

From Merle Schwartz, CEP director of education and research Before I came to CEP in August of 2002, I was a school psychologist in Maine, a learning & behavior specialist, and wrote the first graduate course at that time on PBIS for the University of Southern Maine. Before that, I was a special education teacher … Continue reading “PBIS and Character Education: An Evolution towards Best Practice”

The Greenfield Way: Transforming our School Culture with Character-Based Discipline

By Claudia St. Amour, counselor

Optimizing the High School Experience

Since my first blog post generated a response from a high school teacher wondering about what the Forum will offer for educators at the secondary level, I thought I’d feature one of our PreForum workshops today: Optimizing the High School Experience. Just take a look at the takeaways: Participants will learn how to help secondary … Continue reading “Optimizing the High School Experience”

Bullying in Schools: A Strategic Solution

Written by Joseph W. Mazzola President & CEO Character Education Partnership Bullying in our nation’s schools is rampant. Consider the following data points from the 2010 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit: every day, 160,000 students stay home out of fear of getting bullied at school; 1 in 3 students will be bullied this year (about 18M … Continue reading “Bullying in Schools: A Strategic Solution”


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