Character, Literacy, and Language Development at Bayless Junior High

By Bob Efken, Assistant Principal and Doug Harness, Principal Doug and I have been at Bayless Junior High, a small school of 350 students in the Bayless School District, for fourteen years. We love that Bayless is the most culturally diverse district in Missouri, with over 50% of students speaking a primary language other than … Continue reading “Character, Literacy, and Language Development at Bayless Junior High”

4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

 By Lisa Stutts, Special Education Teacher, Northern Parkway School, 2015 National School of Character As teachers, it is essential that we make the process of providing feedback a positive learning experience for each student. Feedback paves the way for continued learning. Consider the following 4 tips to effective feedback all while building character.    Be Specific … Continue reading “4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback”

A Collaborative Curriculum: The Strengths of PBL

by Pam Mitchell Beginning the Journey Mockingbird Elementary embarked on a Project Based Learning (PBL) journey seven years ago after observing PBL in action at  New Tech High @ Coppell, another school in our district. We had already been focusing on Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship (Dr. Bill Daggett) as a district, and we had also been … Continue reading “A Collaborative Curriculum: The Strengths of PBL”

How Real World Lessons Lead to Academic Achievement

by Becky Sipos When I was a beginning teacher, I was often dismayed how students didn’t improve their writing very much despite my best instruction. When I was “forced into” sponsoring the school newspaper as a job requirement and I began teaching journalism, I was amazed by the writing growth I saw in my students. … Continue reading “How Real World Lessons Lead to Academic Achievement”

Connecting Character and Content

by Gary Smit Finding time for building character in schools and in students within the context of the academic curriculum can be a challenge. Since school is the first social structure the child encounters, the setting provides an excellent opportunity for character building. However, this must be more than a poster on the wall, a … Continue reading “Connecting Character and Content”

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