Advice to Graduates in 2017

One of the things I always liked about teaching is that each year brings a beginning and a closure. Most jobs don’t have that; days and years tend to run together, with varying projects, perhaps, but no ceremonial starts and stops. Of course, for education, the biggest ceremony of all is graduation. 

Developing Character from Those Closest to Us

As a staff, we believe in practicing what you preach, and as such we often reflect on our own core values. When we drill down to the root of it, many of us come to find that it was indeed our family who instilled the values we’ve come to know, love and live by. Below, … Continue reading “Developing Character from Those Closest to Us”

Five Tips for Teaching Core Values

The teaching of values sounds like something that should be done at home under the parents’ discretion, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not all parents are doing this. This may be due to a number of reasons, so who is to take on this essential job? As teachers, if we focus solely on teaching academic content without … Continue reading “Five Tips for Teaching Core Values”

Core Values Drive Everything!

Principle 1:  Promotes Core Ethical and Performance Values as the foundation of good character. “…the core values that underpin sustainable development – interdependence, empathy, equity, personal responsibility and intergenerational justice – are the only foundation upon which any viable vision of a better world can possibly be constructed.” -Jonathon Porritt

Defining Core Values refers to core values throughout the description of 11 Principles for Effective Character Education.  For definitional purposes, core values are considered to include a balance of moral and performance values.  Performance values define the qualities that lead to our best work, while moral values describe the values in support of our best social interactions.  … Continue reading “Defining Core Values”

Maintaining the Connection between Moral and Performance Character

by David B. Wangaard, Ed.D., The School for Ethical Education has many resources that provide a clear definition of character education and effective practices. It is not unusual, however, to find varying interpretations by educators. Specifically, the distinction between moral and performance character has created a division within the field of character education. Some educators … Continue reading “Maintaining the Connection between Moral and Performance Character”

Choosing Your Core Values

by Becky Sipos Which is better: honesty or integrity? empathy or compassion? Of course, it’s a bogus question. Both are good. At first glance, principle one sounds easy “Choose your core values.” But there are so many good qualities out there, how do you choose?  And how long do you stick with your choices? When … Continue reading “Choosing Your Core Values”

How Do Good Leaders Demonstrate Gratitude?

by Patrick Keenoy, Principal, 2015 National School of Character, Rogers Elementary One is not simply a leader because of a title or position held, rather, a leader is one who demonstrates positive character through their words and actions. These words and actions, should  motivate others to give their best effort and be people of integrity. … Continue reading “How Do Good Leaders Demonstrate Gratitude?”

Spotlight on Pennsbury: Core Values Unite the District

Principle 1, ““The school community promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundation for good character,” becomes a little bit more challenging when you apply it to an entire district. How can an entire district create an intentional and unified effort to promote core values? We turn to 2015 National District of Character, Pennsbury … Continue reading “Spotlight on Pennsbury: Core Values Unite the District”

How Principle 1 Changed My High School Experience

by Rebecca Bauer During my freshman year of high school, my favorite teacher pulled me aside. She explained that she was assembling a committee to rewrite the school’s character expectations and she was hoping I would help. Having attended the Montclair Kimberley Academy since age 6, I’d been hearing about these expectations for nearly a decade. … Continue reading “How Principle 1 Changed My High School Experience”

Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!

While there’s no particular order you need to address each of the 11 Principles, naturally, many schools start with principle 1, “The school promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundations of core values.” When it comes to principle 1, the most valuable resources you have at your disposal are your stakeholders: administrators, teachers, … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!”

Nurturing An Attitude of Gratitude in Kids

by Michele Borba There’s something about the Thanksgiving season that tunes up my “reflective switch” and makes me think a bit more about our children. I worry that over the years we’ve removed ourselves a bit as a society from the real meaning of this glorious holiday. We’re seeing an upsurge–even in a recession–of kids … Continue reading “Nurturing An Attitude of Gratitude in Kids”

Integrating Character Across Subjects

“Beyond Accountability, Inspiring Greatness,” the theme of the CEP’s 2014 National Forum on Character Education. As human beings, we all have sufferings: some of them are physical; some emotional; some are moral issues; and some are health problems. But no matter what our circumstances are, we can bring out our character and be as great of … Continue reading “Integrating Character Across Subjects”

H.O.P.E. – Souls, Minds and Hearts, All Beating as One

Conference By Maricarmen Esper, author, speaker, character educator As we all agree, character education is the main and essential part of education around the world. If we want a world with high ethics, virtues and peace, then governments, schools, families and communities all must promote, educate, evaluate, and try so hard to work for it.

The Character of George Bailey

Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” is often dismissed as just another sentimental, feel-good Christmas classic. But, in my opinion, it contains one of the most gripping and compelling dramatic scenes ever captured on film. As Christmas Eve revelers drink and laugh in a crowded tavern filled with festive music, the camera slowly zooms in … Continue reading “The Character of George Bailey”

Happy Campers Building Character

By Mark Hyatt, President & CEO Before the summer slips away from us all, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment here to talk about the wonderful experience that occurred June 16-21 at CEP’s  second Leaders of Character Camp (LoCC), hosted once again by my alma mater, the U.S. Air Force … Continue reading “Happy Campers Building Character”

Character & Class: Why We Love #42

By Dave Keller, Director of Transformation & Strategic Initiatives The moment last night was powerful and uplifting — and well deserved. In the history of Major League Baseball, no one has done what New York Yankees’ relief pitcher Mariano Rivera has done.  Simply put:  He is the greatest closing relief pitcher ever. But that’s not … Continue reading “Character & Class: Why We Love #42”

Empathy: To lead is to listen and to learn

Thank goodness my wife opened my eyes to the importance of empathy before I became a father and a school leader. To be honest, for the first half of my life, I was so driven to achieve the task at hand that I struggled to understand why some people just couldn’t show up, get to work and do what they had to … Continue reading “Empathy: To lead is to listen and to learn”

It really is a ‘Grand Old Flag’

By Joe Mazzola Today is Flag Day– at time to remember our nation’s freedoms and core values. I try to do that regularly. On Memorial Day, I attended a special ceremony at a small cemetery in the town that I now call home.  It was one of the most touching ceremonies I’ve ever attended. I felt … Continue reading “It really is a ‘Grand Old Flag’”

Leaders Must Earn Their Stripes Every Day

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