Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!

While there’s no particular order you need to address each of the 11 Principles, naturally, many schools start with principle 1, “The school promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundations of core values.” When it comes to principle 1, the most valuable resources you have at your disposal are your stakeholders: administrators, teachers, … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!”

Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students

When do you feel most motivated? It’s unlikely your answer is, when I’m studying for an arbitrary standardized test or completing activities that require rote memorization. Perhaps you feel most motivated when you’ve set clear goals for yourself that are meaningful to you or when you’re working on a project that draws on a passion … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students”

Are you a Teacher Leader?

Teacher leadership has become a buzzword recently. All teachers lead activities and lessons in their classrooms. Many teachers also lead after school activities and clubs. Some teachers even serve as administrators, too. These days it’s more normal for teachers to have multiple roles in a school than just one. So what exactly does teacher leadership … Continue reading “Are you a Teacher Leader?”

Fostering Student Leadership – A Character Resource Roundup

During the month of August, the blog will focus on Principle 9, “The school fosters shared leadership and long-range support of the character education initiative.” One aspect of this principle is the encouragement and inspiration of students to become leaders in their schools and communities. There are a variety of resources for students and … Continue reading “Fostering Student Leadership – A Character Resource Roundup”

How to Overcome Common Challenges & Engage Parents

This month, our Research Roundups are focusing on Parent and Community Engagement, and this is the second part of a two-part RR. The first RR addressed some common methods and ideas to promote family and community involvement in schools. This article is for those of you who are ready to get parents involved or have … Continue reading “How to Overcome Common Challenges & Engage Parents”

Beyond Fundraising: Parent Involvement in Kids’ Character Development

When it comes to education, and character education in particular, there are many important key players: teachers, parents, and the community at large. Educating youth is a cooperative endeavor. And when schools, parents, and communities deliberately encourage similar values and goals, the opportunities for student success and growth become unlimited. During the month of September, … Continue reading “Beyond Fundraising: Parent Involvement in Kids’ Character Development”

Character Resource Roundup: How Do I Assess School Climate?

Principle 11 is a very important part of the 11 Principles of Effective Education, but it is often seen as a daunting aspect of the process. Let’s take a closer look at Principle 11: “the school regularly assesses its culture and climate, the functioning of its staff as character educators, and the extent to which its students … Continue reading “Character Resource Roundup: How Do I Assess School Climate?”

Resources for a Meaningful & Challenging Curriculum

During the month of April, the blog will focus on Principle 6, creating a meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that respects all learners. The 11 Principles framework provides a variety of indicators that demonstrate a school has excelled at this task. Our Character Resource Roundup focuses in on three important indicators:

Character Resource Roundup: Tools to Help Teach Service Learning

In March, our blog will be focusing on opportunities for moral action, Principle 5 of our 11 Principles. Want your students to make that leap from moral thinking and feeling to moral action? Engage them in service learning projects. Need Inspiration? Service learning projects are most valuable and most fun when they are student-led initiatives. … Continue reading “Character Resource Roundup: Tools to Help Teach Service Learning”

Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms

We want every classroom to be a caring and kind one. Unfortunately, with the emphasis on literacy and math, encouraging good character isn’t always seen as a priority. We want to re-energize you in your pursuit to help every child develop empathy and consideration for others. We’ve listed some of the best resources for creating … Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms”

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