A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students

By Maurice Elias As we edge towards the end of the calendar year and the first half of the school year, we can benefit from taking stock of what has happened thus far and also, put aside regretful events or actions that might hold us back from a good start in the new year. I … Continue reading “A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students”

Promising Practices Spotlight: Clifton-Clyde High School

Clifton-Clyde High School – Clyde, KS Program: Mock Interviews At Clifton-Clyde High School in Clyde, Kansas, students participate in mock interviews to prepare them for life after high school and/or college. This Promising Practice implements two principles from CEP’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education: using a comprehensive approach, and offering a meaningful and challenging … Continue reading “Promising Practices Spotlight: Clifton-Clyde High School”

Character Education in the Digital Age

Note: This is one in a series of excerpts from Jason Ohler’s book, Digital Community, Digital Citizenship, which explores the development of character education for those living a digital lifestyle. PARTYCIPATION: SETTING THE STAGE Digital citizenship is the term the world of K12 education has adopted to describe the many ethical and character education issues … Continue reading “Character Education in the Digital Age”

How can we create more just and democratic schools?

In Marvin Berkowitz’s Hot Topic discussion this afternoon, he didn’t hesitate to cut right to the point. “We need to make schools less like prisons,” he said. “When you think about it, it’s disconcerting how much the analogy fits. How can we create more enlightened and just schools?” Marvin’s talk focused on utilizing empowerment and … Continue reading “How can we create more just and democratic schools?”

15 Serious Facts about High School Stress

Every parent and educator must know these troubling facts about our teens. Each fact is a wake-up call, but together they should mean: “Time for Code Red” This blog was written by the Bachelor’s Degree Online and published with its permission. One of the greatest lies ever perpetuated about the teen years is that they’re … Continue reading “15 Serious Facts about High School Stress”

Optimizing the High School Experience

Since my first blog post generated a response from a high school teacher wondering about what the Forum will offer for educators at the secondary level, I thought I’d feature one of our PreForum workshops today: Optimizing the High School Experience. Just take a look at the takeaways: Participants will learn how to help secondary … Continue reading “Optimizing the High School Experience”

The Expenses of Prom

Prom, a night intended to be full of fun and revelry, can often be an enormous burden on students from lower-income backgrounds. The need to get the perfect dress or tuxedo, find transportation, partake of a fancy meal, and then perhaps coordinate an after-party (in a safe, legal environment) can be a truly stressful experience … Continue reading “The Expenses of Prom”

Assessing the Challenge Index

Once again Jay Mathews, a reporter for the Washington Post, has released his Challenge Index, the ranking of high schools determined by calculating the number of college level tests taken in a given year divided by the number of graduating seniors. I was happy to see that McLean High School (where I taught before retiring … Continue reading “Assessing the Challenge Index”

The Power of Revisions, Part II

by Mark Schumacker, Beavercreek Schools teacher As most teachers do, I always look at what I am doing and analyze the success of my work.  I want to make sure I am doing the best I can and if I am not, I want to figure out what can I do to improve my product.  … Continue reading “The Power of Revisions, Part II”

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