To Err is Human, To Forgive… well, that’s Character.

Why do these National Schools of Character do character education?

This afternoon the National Forum on Character Education was celebrated the 20 public schools, 3 private schools, 1 charter school, and 1 school district who became National Schools of Character this year. In a May press release, Lara Maupin stated that “These schools have built strong communities that bring people together around shared goals. Nobody … Continue reading “Why do these National Schools of Character do character education?”

How can we create more just and democratic schools?

In Marvin Berkowitz’s Hot Topic discussion this afternoon, he didn’t hesitate to cut right to the point. “We need to make schools less like prisons,” he said. “When you think about it, it’s disconcerting how much the analogy fits. How can we create more enlightened and just schools?” Marvin’s talk focused on utilizing empowerment and … Continue reading “How can we create more just and democratic schools?”

Proud to Present our 2012 Promising Practices for Character Education

A record number of Promising Practices were awarded this afternoon during the 19th annual National Forum on Character Education. Lisa Greeves, Promising Practices program director, presented delegations from many of the 297 Promising Practices winners. The ceremony featured guest speaker Charles Haynes, Chairman of the Board at CEP, and was  Promising Practices put one or … Continue reading “Proud to Present our 2012 Promising Practices for Character Education”

The Fundamentals of Social Media

On Saturday morning, conference attendees participated in a session on the fundamental – though rarely practiced – keys to success using social media. Here are a few takeaways from the session:

Character Beyond the Classroom: Cesar Chavez and Fred Korematsu

Family members of two iconic American civil rights leaders joined the CEP2012 attendees Friday to address the connection between character and taking important public action. Anthony Chavez, the grandson of Cesar Chavez, and Karen Korematsu, the daughter of Fred Korematsu, shared personal stories, inspiring visions, and core values from their experiences with these two leaders.

The Powerful Effect of Parenting

When keynote presenter Paul Tough became a dad, he never thought he would be using parenting techniques he learned from rats. Tough delivered a compelling keynote address at the 2012 National Forum during the afternoon session. “Parents and other caregivers who are able to form close, nurturing relationships with their children can foster resilience in them … Continue reading “The Powerful Effect of Parenting”

2012 Promising Practices In Character Education Winners

We love ideas — new, creative, and powerful ways to effectively integrate character education into the lives of students who need it. This afternoon, we were treated to a peak into the world of this year’s amazing crop of Promising Practices recipients! Check out an amazing and passionate group of students from Comsewogue High School … Continue reading “2012 Promising Practices In Character Education Winners”

Michele Borba’s Essential 6 R’s of Bullying Prevention

Internationally recognized expert and author Michele Borba gave attendees a tour-de-force of the critical components of effective bullying prevention. Most people don’t realize what an issue bullying is in the United States, but a few statistics make it clear that we have an epidemic. Today, 1 in 3 US students are bullied. Rates are similarly … Continue reading “Michele Borba’s Essential 6 R’s of Bullying Prevention”

National School of Character Case Study- Plattin Primary in Missouri

When Sara leaves her house each day, she know she has loving teachers waiting. Every day that 8-year-old Sara goes to school, educators at Plattin Primary in Festus, Missouri make sure she encounters a culture of character. Plattin students start each day off with a curbside greeting from their principle and PE teacher. Once inside the building, … Continue reading “National School of Character Case Study- Plattin Primary in Missouri”

Are You A Cathedral Builder or a Stone Chipper?

Scott Taylor gave an outstanding keynote address this morning, using a mix of humor, entertainment, and experiences to share the importance of building strong relationships and maintaining positivity in schools. Principal Taylor shared stories from his own experience, and it’s clear that Principal Taylor practices what he preaches. Every day, he roams the halls of his … Continue reading “Are You A Cathedral Builder or a Stone Chipper?”

Day 1 Recap

We just wrapped up an outstanding first day at the 2012 the National Forum on Character Education – #cep2012. The day was filled with lots of excitement and energy.

Dealing with Difficult Students, A Challenge Worth Accepting

Dealing with a difficult child is one of those necessary tasks in education and parenting that we would all choose to forgo if given the opportunity. The fact remains that dealing with these kids provides an excellent opportunity to shape and mold a student’s character.

CEP’s 2012 International Summit on Character Education

“Every person wants their kids to be good human beings. Depending on the culture, the details get fuzzy. And how those details fits into the national education system is a big issue as well.” 

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