Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying

By Suzanne Lyons, Founder, Cooperative Games Background on Bullying The basic fact of bullying is that it is a cruel torment, so disturbing that most educators would prefer to look away. But of course we know we cannot. The Department of Health and Human Services defines bullying this way: Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior among school-aged … Continue reading “Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying”

Athletes Against Bullying

by Jennifer DiStefano, Student Assistance Counselor, Cherry High School East According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of four students will experience bullying during their school age years. This is an upsetting statistic, but one student was determined to do something about it. Student on a Mission A student-athlete at Cherry Hill High … Continue reading “Athletes Against Bullying”

President’s Column: Bullying Prevention

By Becky Sipos October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and so I wanted to write my column to fit in with that theme. But I am no bullying expert. I’ve learned a lot about bullying since I’ve been working at, but for real expertise, you should turn to our own board member expert Michele … Continue reading “President’s Column: Bullying Prevention”

Intentional Strategies for Making Bullying Prevention Effective and Fun

Bullying prevention needs to be embedded in a school’s culture, a seamless aspect of everyday life, but having a special day devoted to raising awareness around the consequences of bullying can be a great kickstart! Read on to learn more about Fort Settlement Middle School’s efforts to prevent bullying. By Susan Bakus, Campus Assessment Coordinator … Continue reading “Intentional Strategies for Making Bullying Prevention Effective and Fun”

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