19 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied and What to Do about It

Warnings signs that your child is being bulliedIf your child is bullied it means that a peer or peers are intentionally causing her or him pain. Peer abuse! Just the thought can send shivers down our spines. But the fact is 160,000 children skip school every day because they fear being attacked or intimidated by … Continue reading “19 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied and What to Do about It”

Bullying in Schools: A Strategic Solution

Written by Joseph W. Mazzola President & CEO Character Education Partnership Bullying in our nation’s schools is rampant. Consider the following data points from the 2010 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit: every day, 160,000 students stay home out of fear of getting bullied at school; 1 in 3 students will be bullied this year (about 18M … Continue reading “Bullying in Schools: A Strategic Solution”

Pulling up bootstraps

We’ve recently posted some great news articles on our Facebook page from around the country about communities that inject valuable character education into the local sports scenes.  The Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy Leadership and Character Development Camp in Vero Beach, Florida emphasizes character education at their summer camp.  Midnight Basketball in Taylor, Texas … Continue reading “Pulling up bootstraps”

Why Kids Bully

  It’s not easy to know that your child is bullying. It’s hard to admit that your kid is using aggression. But to allow bullying behaviors to continue will be disastrous to your child’s character, conscience, reputation, well-being and mental health. No matter the age, gender, religion, or ethnicity, any child resorting to bullying needs … Continue reading “Why Kids Bully”

Nurturing Tolerance to Reduce Bullying

  Contributed by Michele Borba How teaching children tolerance can curb bullying and peer cruelty REALITY CHECK: Did you know that today’s American youth is displaying intolerant actions at alarming rates – and at younger and younger ages? The FBI tells us most hate crimes are committed by youths younger than nineteen. Tolerance is a … Continue reading “Nurturing Tolerance to Reduce Bullying”

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