Empowering Students Through Self-Assessment

By Svetlana Nikic, Academic Instruction Coordinator & Algebra Teacher, Busch Middle School of Character In these times of great technological change and computer apps, teachers are inundated with data and therefore often puzzled how to revise their approaches to assessment that often fails to inform about direct learning, teaching and the whole child. To resolve … Continue reading “Empowering Students Through Self-Assessment”

Considerations for Adopting a School Climate Survey

By Linda Inlay, retired principal of The River School, a National School of Character Those of us who have been talking for years about the importance of school culture or school climate and how it can improve student achievement, are heartened by the inclusion of this topic in the national conversation about school improvement. ESSA’s … Continue reading “Considerations for Adopting a School Climate Survey”

How Reflection Can Transform Your School

At 2014 National School of Character, Smith Street School, reflection is so important that the school made it one of its core values. Principal, Lynnda Nadien, reflects on the impact that reflection has had on the students, the teachers and the school culture. by Lynnda Nadien As building principal, I am extremely proud of my … Continue reading “How Reflection Can Transform Your School”

Celebrating, Assessing and Setting Goals

As the school year draws to a close, it’s time to celebrate successes, reflect on challenges.  Dr. Thomas Lickona, psychologist and character education expert, has said that if schools wish to make a lasting difference in students’ character, “they need a comprehensive, holistic approach (one where schools) look at themselves through a moral lens and … Continue reading “Celebrating, Assessing and Setting Goals”

3 Ways to Assess School Climate & Character

At Premier Charter School, assessment is a big part of school life, because as Head of School, Julie Frugo, so wisely put it, “how do we know what we are doing is even working if we don’t assess it?” Recommended Strategies Give students surveys about character & climate regularly Julie said: “One of our main … Continue reading “3 Ways to Assess School Climate & Character”

Using Assessment for Sustainability and Impact in Character Education

By Matt Davidson I have been an advocate for and practitioner of assessment in the field of character education for nearly 20 years. Much has changed in education over that time period. In particular, the importance of using data to guide practice has grown significantly. In the field of character education much of the early … Continue reading “Using Assessment for Sustainability and Impact in Character Education”


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