ESSA: Why your voice matters

By Maggie Taylor A little over a year ago I left my role as educator and started the grueling and rewarding process of graduate studies. As a student earning a Masters in Education Policy in the heart of Washington, D.C., I shouldn’t have been surprised to be engrossed in K-12 policies and politics in almost … Continue reading “ESSA: Why your voice matters”

Are you a Teacher Leader?

Teacher leadership has become a buzzword recently. All teachers lead activities and lessons in their classrooms. Many teachers also lead after school activities and clubs. Some teachers even serve as administrators, too. These days it’s more normal for teachers to have multiple roles in a school than just one. So what exactly does teacher leadership … Continue reading “Are you a Teacher Leader?”

Teacher Leadership: Opportunities for your own Moral Action

As teachers think about the 11 Principles, it can be easy to focus solely on the students. Helping students to become smart and good citizens is the ultimate goal of character education, but helping teachers become smart and good citizens is an essential part of the process. What you do as a teacher matters even … Continue reading “Teacher Leadership: Opportunities for your own Moral Action”

Tired of Testing? Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Becky Sipos, President & CEO Last week, two of us from attended ASCD’s Legislative Advocacy Conference. The conference focused on empowering educators to voice their opinions on education policy, and more specifically the upcoming reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). While ASCD’s legislative agenda has many facets, most of the discussion revolved … Continue reading “Tired of Testing? Let Your Voice Be Heard”

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