Annie Fox

When it comes to bullying prevention, teachers handle concerns from parents, demands from administrators and regulations from their local and federal governments, all while educating a group of 20 or so young students. Rather than simply providing them resources and telling them to solve the problem, it is important to also stress, they are not alone.

Through my experience working with hundreds of schools, I’ve found schools are most successful when they don’t play the blame game. The blame game happens when administrators push responsibility onto teachers, teachers push responsibility on to parents or any other combination. Instead, in Schools of Character, every member of the community steps up, and they work together to take a comprehensive, intentional and proactive approach to character development, just as the 11 Principles framework recommends.

Annie Fox’s recent blog post, “Whose Kids Are These Anyway,” addresses this very issue. She shows how children’s moral education is a responsibility that falls on all of us and it must be a collaborative effort. Read her post here: