Are you getting excited for the 2015 National Forum on Character Education? We certainly are! We’re looking forward to many new offerings including a Sports Track, Youth Track, Schools of Character Showcase and all that our new location, Atlanta, Georgia, has to offer.

Read on to hear about what our staff is looking forward to most, and share what you are excited about on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #character2015.

bio-Rebecca-SiposBecky: I’m excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education for many reasons but one is the reception we’re planning at the Georgia Aquarium. I love all the Forum content–keynotes, breakout sessions and more–that we provide at the conference, but I never have enough time to talk to people. By following our welcome reception with a “party” at the Georgia Aquarium, not only will we be able to see one of the top attractions in the state without the usual crowds, but we will have an extended chance to network with other educators and see friends we often see only once a year. What could be better–fish, friends, food, and fun! See you there.



Iris: I’m excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education because this will be my 13th Forum!  I love seeing how eager attendees are to get back to their school and put into use the knowledge and best practices they learned from attending the Forum.



 Dave: I’m excited about the 2015 Forum on Character Education because seemingly every day, we read disheartening articles about the declining state of education and each year, the National Forum on Character Education gives me an opportunity to interact with amazing practitioners with powerful, creative ideas and practical examples of what actually works well in the classroom.  It’s a tangible reminder of all the brilliant educators out there who really are making a big difference!


Heather: I’m excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education because we will be visiting Carmel Elementary School, a 2013 National School of Character in Woodstock, GA. Unlike most of the staff, I do no

t participate in evaluating Schools of Character in the spring, and these site visits during the Forum are my opportunity to see the fantastic work going on in Schools of Character across the country. These visits are always inspiring, however I’m particularly excited to see how Carmel puts their unique spin on it and “develops, not just excellent minds, but excellent citizens” (Stacy Franks, parent).


Sora: I’m excited about the 2015 Forum on Character Education because I always learn so much–both from the presenters and people who come to learn at the Forum. I’m excited to hear Darcia Narvaez talk about all her research, but I also know I’ll have some awesome conversations with teachers who are doing really unique things in their schools. I’m always amazed at the creativity and passion of everyone there.



TuckerI’m excited about the 2015 National Forum on Character Education because of the inspiring educators I will meet. They make me have faith in our ability to have a strong country of smart and good people.




Rebecca: I’m excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education because of the National Schools of Character Showcase which will allow all participants to learn about the innovative practices of our exemplar schools. With more Schools of Character than ever before, I know I will meet many experienced educators with creative ideas.



Sheril: I’m excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education because of all that our new Youth Track has to offer. I can’t wait to see teenage philanthropist, Zach Bonner; inspirational speaker, Ty Sells; and meet lots of young leaders! We’re even incorporating community service through a special youth-only event, Zach’s Packing Pizza Party.