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As we prepare to ring in the new year, we’re taking a moment to share and reflect on some of our favorite blog posts of 2016. With almost 100 new blogs this year, we’re sharing ten that you won’t want to miss! 

  • Four Ideas for Boosting Teacher Morale, Becky Sipos

    Becky Sipos shares what schools can do to support teachers and in turn, encourage student success. With strategies such as team building to meeting teachers’ needs, there is much we can do to show teachers that they matter.

  • School-based Peer Mentoring Builds Relationships, Creates Caring Communities, Margo Ross

    Margo Ross of the Center for Collaborative Schools shares how school-based peer mentoring can create caring school cultures! Tap into the power of older students to cultivate a caring, supportive school culture! 

  • Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School, Michele Borba

    Dr. Michelle Borba, award-winning educational psychologist, generates 6 ways students can spread kindness in your school! After all, teaching children kindness helps children trust more and undestand others!

  • Leaving Your Ex(trinsics), Marvin Berkowitz

    Dr. Berkowitz, professor and expert on intrinsic motivation, shares his tips for ditching ineffective extrinsic motivators for meaningful strategies. If you’re struggling to abandon your ex(trinsics) for intrinsic motivation techiniques, this is a must read.

  • Infusing Character Into Everyday Teaching & Learning, Dave Keller

    Dave Keller offers guidance on Principle 6 and great examples of Promising Practices that promote character through curriculum. Using examples from schools across the country, Dave provides tools for you to promote character in your curriculum. 

  • Athletes Against Bullying, Jennifer DiStefano 

    Read about Athletes Against Bullying, an innovative bullying prevention program at Cherry High School East in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Learn how one student, who was inspired by a professional athlete, made a big impact on his school and community! 

  • Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying, Suzanne Lyons

    Suzanne Lyons, educator and owner of Cooperative Games, shares how cooperative play can serve as a fun way to teach bullying prevention. Learn how to blend bullying prevention with cooperative games to help reduce incidents of bullying. 

  • Character and Academics–How to Integrate, Becky Sipos President and CEO Becky Sipos writes of strategies teachers can use to embed character education into the academic curriculum. 

  • How Surroundings Affect Students’ Learning, Kelly Warfield 

    Kelly Warfield, Editorial Director of teacher products Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group, shares how a classroom environment impacts student achievement. How can you change the physical space in your classroom to positively affect student learning? 

  • Lessons from Germany: The Values of Educational Exchange, Maggie Taylor

    Traveling abroad for school gave Maggie Taylor inspiration for a better world. Maggie shares one of the most important lessons she learned while on a faculty-led study tour of Germany. 

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