As we get ready to ring in the new year, we’re taking a moment to share some of our favorite blog posts of 2015. This year, posted nearly 100 new articles. Here are 10 you definitely don’t want to miss!

  1. Starting Your Character Education Journey by Becky Sipos

Looking to change your school culture but unsure where to begin? President & CEO, Becky Sipos provides four ways you can jumpstart your school’s character journey now.

  1. My Son is not My Dog by Marvin Berkowitz

Sit. Speak. Stay. Do you motivate your students or do you issue commands? Marvin Berkowitz shares research on and best practices for motivating students and the perils of extrinsic rewards.

  1. Leaders Unite Communities by Emily McGouldrick

How can we shape students to become ethical and engaged leaders? Read what Emily McGouldrick, senior at 2015 National School of Character, Pryor High School, has to say about leadership and community building.

  1. Start Early: Teaching Character in Early Childhood Education by Gina Siebe & Staff

Encouraging healthy social, emotional and character development during the early years is essential. Gina Siebe, Director of Clayton Early Childhood Center, offers practical strategies for teaching character to your youngest students.

  1. Appreciating Teachers: How Can Principals Show They Care? by staff with excerpts from Bob Freado, & Amy Johnston

Teaching is a very underappreciated profession. Encouragement and thanks from students and parents go a long way but support from administrators is essential. Two principals share how you can make your teachers feel appreciated all year long!

  1. The Classroom as a Caring Community by Hal Urban

From eye contact to handshakes to genuine smiles, it’s all about making your students feel welcome. Drawing from his 36 years of experience as a social studies teacher, Hal Urban offers advice on creating a caring classroom community.

  1. The Power of Partnering with Parents by Becky Sipos

Parents are children’s first teachers. Educators must work with them, not against them. President & CEO, Becky Sipos, shares creative ways you can connect with parents.

  1. A Refreshing Take on Back to School Night by Meghann Persenaire

Year after year, parents sit through the same boring old Back to School Night. What if you could turn the routine event into something exciting? Meghann Persenaire, Assistant Principal of St. HOPE Leadership Academy, shares how they make Back to School Night an event to remember!

  1. 5 Random Acts of Kindness for Teachers and Why You Should Do One Now by Rebecca Bauer

Teachers are overworked and underappreciated. Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day once a year isn’t enough. Make any day teacher appreciation day with these random acts of kindness that you can do for the educators in your life.

  1. An Attitude of Gratitude: 4 Ways to Make Veterans Day Meaningful by Dave Keller

Looking to go beyond the typical Veterans Day assembly? Dave Keller, Director of Strategic Initiatives and a veteran of the U.S. Airforce shares 4 strategies for helping students truly understand and appreciate the importance of Veterans Day.

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